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We are an analytics group of data and sport experts who work to give accurate tips for Football.

Kings Value

Are you looking for some really valuable tips? You can find them here at Kings Value. We are the specialized platform with great resources based on the realistic sport tips. With few special algorithms, we define the overall tip and try to find the most realistic solution for all our users. If you become a member on our platform, you’ll be supplied with some great tips, so your predictions can be more effective. With our suggestions and your experience, you can find the most realistic tips here at Kings Value. 

What we offer

We offer the complete accuracy of all the information we send to our users. All of them will be supplied with the exact tips for certain games that we choose. Not all the games are applicable for predictions, and we know that very well. That’s why we give the tips for certain games that are more secure and more predictive. If you are a lover of secured information, give us your trust. 

What you get

With our service, you get more than simple tips. You get the complete support in the process of analyzing and overall prediction. Our team of dedicated members do the job for you and all of them collect, save and analyze the games in order to get the most realistic predictions. It is the process of great importance and we know that our responsibility is huge. As a result, you get some of the best predictions online with huge certainly that the tips are effective and applicable. After you get out tips, you can play on certain games with more confidence. That’s what we want to give to our members – some great confidence that the game they bet on will be the right choice. With our help, it is all possible. 

How to apply

If you want to test our service, we offer some great solutions to you. There is a free plan that lasts for one week, and that is quite enough to see whether our service is valuable or not. We are sure you’ll be part of our system, because we give the best effort to meet the criteria of our members. You have an option to choose between bronze, silver and gold packages. Each of them has great advantages. Bronze package will let you use the service for one month at a very affordable price. With some great discount, you’ll pay only 29.99 €. If you are interested in three month package, go for the silver package, while six month service comes in the gold package.


No matter which option you choose, be sure that the payment is completely safe, as we use the most secured methods for money transactions. Once you become our member, multiple advantages are waiting for you. You’ll be able to get the latest tips that will change the way you bet. At the same time, you’ll become part of the most perspective system online. With our predictions and your trust, we can make some great stuff together. Join Kings Value today



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