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Key Strategies to Bet on Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, which translates into a great deal of betting action and great opportunities to win big. It can all be a tad confusing to the newcomer, however. There are many wagering options available and isn’t always clear which is best.

Types of Bets

When you bet on soccer, you have options. The most common is the money line, also called match odds. If the match odds are 1.77, then you have to wager a dollar to win 77 cents. Another common type of bet is a parlay, also called a multiple or combo. Parlays let you combine two or more bets; the advantage is a higher payout, but the disadvantage is that both bets have to win in order to claim it.

Avoid Non-Skill Bets

Avoid soccer bets that have no skill element or have a reduced skill element. The most prevalent form of non-skill bet is the prop bet. An example of a prop bet is wagering on the time of the first yellow card. Parlays are not diminished-skill bets; the odds increase but so does the winning potential.

Small Bets

The best way to bet on soccer depends heavily on the size of one’s bankroll. The average person has a modest bankroll and should favor small bets. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Identify three or more betting opportunities you like in this period and spread the action over them.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

Favorites are the obvious choice. After all, there is a reason that they’re the favorite. However, more often than not, the smart money is on the underdog. That’s not to say that all underdogs are good bets, but that underdogs generally provide the best risk-reward ratio. Each betting period, you should bet both favorites and underdogs, but emphasize the underdogs.


Do not be afraid of combo bets, which is the biggest, most common mistake that new bettors make. If you feel strongly about two or more bets, then parlay them. Use single small bets to balance out the rest of the action. It is often possible to use “safe” single bets to offset the risk on a parlay.

Double Chances

When you bet on soccer, a double chance is a bet on a team to either win or draw, and the cost of that advantage is a reduced payout. There are times when a double chance is almost a sure thing, and this is an example of being aware of the betting environment and taking advantage of it. For example, if at the end of a season a team must just not lose, then that is a perfect opportunity for a double chance bet.